We're On A Mission To Make It Easy To Be In Africa And Go Electric

We do this by developing affordable, reliable, and connected electric vehicles that have been tailor-made for and manufactured in Africa. Our EVs are designed to interface seamlessly with your phone via the Mana App.  Through which we are enabling a community of drivers and riders to plug into our ecosystem of e-mobility services - from charging, to repair, to insurance, to income generating opportunities.
At MANA, we're a team of innovators, creators and change-makers committed to reducing CO2, creating jobs, and making transport accessible to all.

Our Story

MANA’s journey started with a vision: to develop the automotive industry in Africa, and do it sustainably. Peter Schwarzenbauer, former board member at Audi and BMW, and Toni Heigl, social entrepreneur with 25+ years in BMW, decided to work on this goal in 2021. Both believed that the continent was ready to leapfrog and put all their efforts into it.

Since 2022, the company has been founded, the design of the car is ready, the prototyping has started, and the e-mobility app is under development. We are set off to bring to the market the first Ghanaian designed, engineered and produced e-vehicle. It is a big task, but we are ready to develop the automotive industry in our country, and to create all the necessary jobs, while keeping our affordability focus!

Cargo Bikes Africa is a startup based in Ghana, West Africa. We're a team of three social innovators who wanted to see how we could solve some of Africa's biggest transportation challenges—and make it fun.

We started Cargo Bikes Africa in 2020, when demand for delivery services skyrocketed and new digital innovations were being launched that connected African consumers with local suppliers. As a result, two- and three-wheelers were suddenly everywhere on the roads, which was having a detrimental impact on the environment. And global economic conditions at the same time had led to exorbitant increases in fuel prices.

That all sounded like a big problem—but not one we couldn't tackle! So we created a custom-designed e-bike that made moving goods and people in Africa easier than ever before. And with our e-bikes, you don't have to deal with petrol prices or pollution either—just turn them on and go!”

Our Products

Electrifying Last Mile Mobility

MANA Bikes

The MANA Bike is an electric bicycle that allows our customer to commute in a sustainable and affordable way.


The MANA App is the open mobility platform for any emission-free vehicle in the market.


The MANA Car is the first electric 4-wheel vehicle to be fully designed, engineered and manufactured in Africa.

Official Press Release

MANA Mobility and Cargo Bikes Africa Join Forces

11 0ctober 2022

The transaction is expected to expand MANA Mobility's EV product portfolio and accelerate the pace of e-mobility adoption.

MANA Mobility is a German-Ghanaian enterprise creating an ecosystem for e-mobility solutions in Africa with the core of operations in Ghana. The product portfolio comprises an open e-mobility platform that connects drivers, passengers and goods, in an easily accessible, inclusive, transparent, country-wide, and multi-model manner. MANA Mobility develops electric vehicles, which are affordable, safe, reliable, functional, as well as Ghanaian-designed, engineered, and manufactured.

Cargo Bikes Africa is an e-mobility startup innovating mobility processes, boasting partnerships with pan-African e-commerce platforms, supporting to make delivery services more sustainable through the design, local production and subscription of e-bikes and e-trikes.  Both companies are tackling major problems of the transport sector in African cities such as congestion, pollution, and unemployment. The deal will combine Cargo Bikes Africa's expertise in electric bike design, production, and distribution models with MANA Mobility's experience in manufacturing and global supply chain management as well as app development. The combined entity will be able to produce electric vehicles that meet the needs of African roads and customers.

MANA Mobility Germany's CEO, Peter Schwarzenbauer (a former Member of the Board of BMW AG) said: “We are thrilled to be joining forces with Cargo Bikes Africa. It is a company that shares our vision of creating a world where everyone can access affordable, clean energy transportation solutions that remove barriers to opportunity and enhance mobility-as-a-service in emerging markets. This deal will enable us take this vision to become reality sooner than previously thought possible."

MANA Mobility is proud to announce the appointment of Valerie Labi as CEO and Co-Founder for the joint entity. Ms. Labi was formerly the co-founder of Cargo Bikes Africa, where she led the company towards a successful exit.  Under her leadership, MANA Mobility will now orientate its strategy to establish local manufacturing operations for the local production of 2, 3, and 4 wheeler EVs as well as grow and develop an open-source technology platform providing an ecosystem of EV services, and creating a community of e-drivers and e-riders.

William Senyo, Co-Founder of the Impact Hub Accra, and convener of the Net Zero Electric Mobility Advocacy Platform believes that "the coming together of these two companies will not just solidify a major player in the e-mobility sector in Africa, but is also a testimony for the start-up community as a whole. All too often we see people go it alone when their businesses would be stronger and grow faster if they leveraged comparative advantages.  I'm excited to see how they will disrupt the industry together!"

The implementers

We’re a diverse, close-knit team on an adventure to build something enduring, while learning something new, every day.

Valerie Labi

12 years C-Level, Mandela Washington Fellow Awarded by President Obama

Quincy Agyapong

MEng. Aerospace Engineer, Former President of Simurq Aeronautics

Ebenezer Atsugah

Social Entrepreneur, 14 years Project Management and Civil Engineer

Peter Schwarzenbauer

Former Board Member at BMW and Audi

Christian Ehl

Social Entrepreneur and IT Expert

Toni Heigl

25 years BMW Manager, Electrical Engineer and Social Enprepreneur

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